An Easter Brunch Recipe Bundle!

One of my favorite childhood holidays was Easter.  Having grown up in one of the snowiest and coldest cities in the country, Easter usually meant the first signs of Spring.  The ground was starting to warm, we could see the green grass again (most of the snow had finallllyyy melted!), flowers were starting to bloom, and geese flew overhead.  Clearly this time of year is very nostalgic for me!

My family was great at creating traditions that we all loved; dying Easter eggs the night before Easter, hunting for plastic eggs around my grandparent's house, eating many different kinds of egg dishes, and of course, lots of chocolate!  I wanted to make sure that these old traditions (and new) continue now that I have a little one of my own.  I knew Easter would be a difficult holiday because everything revolves around eggs, so we had to get creative to come up with a few alternatives!

I decided to create this Easter brunch bundle incase anyone else out there is in the same boat as us.  These recipes would all make an excellent addition to an Easter brunch table, paired with some fruit and mimosas!  Everything is better when paired with a mimosa, right?!

Tofu and Veggie Frittata

Traditional Easter Bread

Oatmeal and Fruit Soufflé with Follow Your Heart VeganEgg

Coconut Lime Pound Cake

So what are some of your Easter traditions?  What type of dishes will you be serving?  

Orange and Walnut Cronuts

Vegan, Soy Free
Yield: 12 Cronuts
Prep time: 2.5 hours
Bake time: 6-8 minutes
Cost: $6.75

If you've never heard of a cronut before, they are a cross between a doughnut and a croissant, first invented in a New York City bakery in 2013.  So there is your useless trivia that you will never need to know unless you're an avid trivia game competitor, in which case, you're welcome! :)

But seriously, I wish I could take credit for the cronut because its just genius!  Maybe I'll work on another invention, like a cross between a bagel and a waffle...a baffle!  No?! I'll keep thinking...

In the meantime, I made my own healthy take on the cronut by leaving out the grease, decreasing the sugar, and adding chocolate. Who doesn't like chocolate?! These cronuts are baked, not fried so they are light, fluffy, and slightly sweet; the perfect accompaniment to a special spring brunch! Since they need about 1 1/2 hours to rise, make them the day ahead and store in an airtight container!