Who Am I?

(I prefer bullet points!)

  • I went vegan for my health in 2012 but the lifestyle has shaped who I am and the way I see the world
  • I hate running but love lifting weights
  • I would much rather go on a trip or an adventure than receive a material gift
  • Hiking up a mountain and floating on a lake energizes me
  • I can be totally "normal" (what is normal!?) one minute, and then awkward af a minute later....but I kind of love that about me!
  • I'm a feminist and am always looking for ways to break gender stereotypes, especially when raising my girl AND boy.
  • I want to see and experience every corner of the world
  • I believe all people regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. should be equal and have the same opportunities
  • I believe all living things are equal and should be treated with kindness
  • I love to be creative through recipe creation, photography, and home design
  • I am most relaxed when my home is clean and organized
  • I feel that we should all spend more time challenging ourselves and exploring the world rather than getting stuck in a small comfortable bubble. The world would be a much more peaceful and accepting place.