Making Rejuvelac 

If you've taken one of my workshops and are inspired to make your own cultured cheese at home, I'm including detailed instructions below on how to make your own rejuvelac.

1.) In a clean glass mason jar, soak 1/2 cup of wheat berries in filtered water for 8-10 hours.  Place a cheese cloth over top of the mason jar and secure with a rubber band or the top ring of the jar.  Make sure you place the jar in an area that won't get too warm.

2.) Drain water and place in an area that gets some indirect sun, but again, won't get too warm.  Leave cheesecloth on top so the wheat berries can breathe.

3.) After 12 hours, rinse and drain again with filtered water.  Continue this process every 12 hours until the berries begin to sprout. (1-2 days)

4.) After the wheat berries have sprouted, fill the mason jar with water and secure the cheese cloth on top.  Leave in a cool place for best fermentation results.  When the water begins to get cloudy and bubbles start to rise when you gently tap the jar, the rejuvelac is ready. (1-2 days, depending on temperature)

5.) Drain liquid through the cheesecloth into another clean container and store covered in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.  Discard/compost sprouted wheat berries.

Vegan Cheese Tasting & Making Workshop

Vegan cheese can be intimidating to make, but as we taste the various types of cheese Portland offers, I will describe how they're made in a way that is not so daunting! The cheeses will be paired with our local vegan "meats," fresh fruit, and spreads. After our cheese tasting, I will teach you an alternative (and much simpler) way to make your own vegan cheese at home! If you're planning a trip to Portland, check out my workshop calendar to see if I'll be hosting one while you're in town!