"Parmesan" Delicata Squash Rings

And just like that, 2017 is over! Last year was such a blur. They say that once you have a child, the time starts to go really fast.  I think that compounds for every child you have.  I feel like ever since my second child was born last April, time started passing twice as fast and the months just fly on by.  

I continue to post pictures of my favorite vegan meals from the week on my Instagram, with the occasional recipe in the comments, but its not very often that I get the chance to post actual detailed recipes on my blog.  After my son was born, I started teaching Vegan Cheese Making Classes, which to my surprise became quite popular over the summer!  And then my partner and I purchased a residential window cleaning business in September, my Vegan Airbnb continues to stay busy, and adjusting to life with two children and their schedules makes for a crazy day to day!  

vegan and gluten free delicata squash

So it is no surprise that this blog has taken a bit of a back seat. But here I am now, spending some much needed time to get organized for the next few months, so I thought I'd pop over to say hello and post one of my favorite appetizer recipes that I created this past Christmas!

We recently signed up for a produce delivery service called Imperfect Produce. They partner with farmers who have a surplus of produce or produce that is too "ugly" to sell in the supermarkets, and redistribute it at 30-50% less of the cost of buying it from a grocery store.  It helps to prevent food waste, so naturally we love the concept and have been super pleased with every box we have received so far!  Because you can personalize your box, you can select exactly how much of a certain item you want for that week.  When I saw that delicata squash were an option, I opted for a couple of them to make this simple, flavorful, and healthy vegan snack that makes the perfect appetizer or side dish to go along with any meal.  Click on the title link above to take you to the recipe!