Broccoli & Sunflower Seed Cheddar Soup

Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free
Serves 4-6
Cook time: 35 minutes
Cost: $13.50

I recently discovered that in addition to cashews, sunflower seeds also make an incredible creamy sauce when blended with water.  And if you add nutritional yeast, vegetables, and additional spices, it makes the creamiest cheese sauce that you can add to almost anything! Seriously, its delicious!  And unlike dairy cheese, sunflower seeds are rich in vitamins and provide a healthy source of essential fatty acids.  Who knew!?

As it usually is this time of year, the weather in the good ol' Pacific Northwest has been drizzly and gray which puts me in a warm soup kind of mood.  I know I shouldn't complain because my hometown on the East Coast is currently 1 degree Fahrenheit  (I definitely don't miss that!), but it doesn't change the fact that chilly rainy days make me crave warm creamy soups.  Traditional creamy soups are loaded with fat, cholesterol and other unhealthy additives from heavy cream and other dairy.  But not this soup!  To achieve the perfect creaminess factor, I blended white beans and my new favorite sunflower seed cheese sauce with vegetable broth and almond milk. And as an added bonus, white beans are loaded with protein and fiber, so not only does this taste rich and creamy, but its also hearty, filling and packed with all kinds of nutrition!  More please!