No-Bake Almond Joy Breakfast Bars

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Refined Sugar Free
9 bars
Total time: 35 minutes
Cost: $14.50

When I worked a traditional 8-5 job, I was always running late in the morning.  If it wasn't for my sweet husband making me breakfast to take and eat on my drive, I would have gone without breakfast more times than I can count. Then I finally figured out a solution to this problem: grab-n-go breakfast bars!  I could prepare a batch on Sunday evening and they would last me the week.  I made sure to pack them full of healthy seeds, fruit, and nuts so I wouldn't get hungry again 10 minutes after eating it!  

These breakfast bars were inspired from the Almond Joy candy bar, but trust me, they won't give you a sugar rush and then crash like a normal candy bar would.  These bars are made with a natural sweetener from blended dates and coconut, protein from almonds, antioxidants and omega-3s from flax seeds, fiber and healthy carbohydrates from oats, and omega-6 fatty acids from hemp seeds.  So yea, I'm pretty sure this is a breakfast of champions.