Sweet and Spicy Grilled Panini

Serves 4
Prep time: 20 minutes
Cook time: 10 minutes

Cost: $7.75

Sandwiches are boring.  I never order one when I'm out at a restaurant and I rarely make them at home.  Maybe it is because the thought of a sandwich just isn't exciting; its just two pieces of bread with some meat and cheese, maybe some vegetables, and thats all. Boring!  I need my food to be creative and exciting! 

Then I thought of the perfect combination of flavors; sweet, salty, spicy, and the perfect combination of textures; crunchy and gooey. Hungry yet?!  This sandwich reminds me of the episode of Friends when Monica makes Ross the perfect Thanksgiving leftover sandwich, and he goes on and on about how it is the greatest sandwich ever and goes to extreme lengths to protect his sandwich while at work.  Well I feel like Ross; I could go on and on about this sandwich, but I won't. You'll just have to make it for yourself and see what I mean!