15-Minute Chunky Road Nice Cream

Vegan, Gluten Free, and Soy Free Possible
Cost: $5.50

I could eat ice cream every day.  Seriously, that is not an exaggeration.  When my husband and I backpacked around the world (before we were vegan), I ate ice cream almost every day, and often times more than once a day.  One day, we were walking down the street in Singapore and I randomly said "I smell Cold Stone Ice Cream!"  No joke... we walked for a couple more minutes and there was Cold Stone shop!  When we were in Italy, there was a day when all I ate that whole day was gelato.  It got so bad that my husband had to place a "one ice cream a day" ban on me! I was out of control!  It was a good thing we were walking 8+ miles a day while exploring new cities, otherwise all that ice cream would have started to pile up on my waist line!  

Thankfully, vegan ice cream alternatives are just as good if not better than cow's milk ice cream, which means that going vegan did not mean giving up on my favorite treat.  But even vegan ice cream isn't necessarily "healthy."  Luckily, I discovered "nice cream" which can be whipped in less than 10 minutes at home in a blender!  It is made from bananas so the calorie content is much lower, the nutritional value is much higher, and the deliciousness factor stays exactly the same!