Strawberry and Black Pepper Biscuits

Vegan, Soy Free
Cost: $5.00

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend! This was the first year that my daughter was able to participate in an Easter egg hunt, and I couldn't wait to hide all the eggs and her basket.  She didn't quite understand why we were searching for eggs, but she enjoyed the process and ate the contents of each egg before going onto the next one!  Because she is still so young, I didn't want to load her up on sugar, so I filled the egg with a couple vegan chocolate chips and mini-marshmallows.  The chocolate chips were her favorite! 

Anyways...these biscuits!  Having grown up in the south, I was exposed to some of the best biscuits in the country.  Buttery, flaky, greasy, melt in your mouth delicious.  I actually craved these biscuits during my pregnancy, but living in Oregon I couldn't find them anywhere!  I experimented with my own recipes, making different versions and experimenting with flavors.  This is one of my favorite flavors because they are savory, but you get a little bit of sweetness from the fresh strawberries in every bite.  They would probably even pair really well with a light coconut cream, chocolate spread, or any flavor of jam!