Rosemary and Pear Galette

Vegan, Soy Free Option
Serves 4
Prep time: 1 hour

Bake time: 30 minutes
Cost: $8.75


2 cups pastry flour
1/2 cup spelt flour + 2tbsp
1 tsp salt
3 tbsp turbinado sugar (or organic cane sugar)
1/2 cup cold coconut oil
1/4 cup cold earth balance vegan butter
1/2 cup cold water

2-3 tbsp fresh rosemary or 2 sprigs
3 medium pears, any variety
1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips
1/4 cup organic brown sugar

Combine flours, salt, and sugar in a small bowl.  Add to a food processor with the cold coconut oil and cold butter.  Process on high until dough becomes crumbly.  While the food processor is on, slowly add cold water and continue to process.  A thick dough will form, slightly thicker than cookie dough but not as thick as bread dough.

Remove dough from the food processor and place in the original bowl used to mix the flour.  Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.  

Meanwhile, prepare pears by slicing into thin strips (see photo).  Chop rosemary off stem if needed.

Preheat oven to 350F

Remove dough from refrigerator and divide into 4 equal portions.  While working with one ball of dough, leave the other in the fridge. 

On a floured work surface (all-purpose flour works well), roll dough into a flat circle.  Sprinkle brown sugar in the middle and then top with pear, rosemary, and 1-2 tbsp of vegan chocolate chips.  

Fold one piece of the edge towards the middle of the galette, covering part of the pear but leaving a couple inches exposed.  Continue folding the pieces up towards the center until the circle is complete.  Repeat with remaining three pieces of dough.

Place galettes on two baking sheets and bake for 25-30 minutes until the crust is slightly brown.